Sunday, January 8, 2012


Here we are at the second lesson and I'm seeing that (1) this can get complicated in that I'm so anal - as DP puts it - that I'll keep on doing things over and over until they look the way I want them - and that could add up in terms of time (2) this could be a great way of connecting  - I guess I need to throw in 'PLN' with great teachers in my subject around the world.  Probably all things that are worthwhile do take quite a bit of effort.

Sharing my thoughts publicly is not at all natural for me, but I am a good listener.  My guess is that I'll probably be a more avid reader of blogs than I will be a poster.  I thought this was a good list and should prove to be helpful in posting.  I do have a couple of ex-students who blog, so I will be reading them via RSS.

Congrats to Lisa Tames for being the first person to comment on my blog.  Who is next?


  1. No problem Fung Shiu...I love the Avatar, looks just like you...when we met many years ago, haha. In order to see a list of the faculty blogs, navigate to the 11 Tools section of the Library Resources and on the right you will see schools listed. Click on Memorial High and your list will appear. From there you can check out all the goodness. Happy Blogging!

  2. I'm so very much on the same page as you. We both need to LET IT GO. Stop the madness! We are perfectionists but we have to pick our battles - LOL. Seriously, my Avatar had to have the exact shade of lipstick that I wanted and that's when I had a come-to-Jesus meeting with myself. Listen to DP - LOL

    Great idea to RSS your former students - then you get to keep up with them as their wonderful lives unfold. You're off to a great start - rock on!

  3. Third place... bummer! You are so right - worthwhile endeavors do usually take time and effort. From an orchestra director's POV, practice makes perfect! At first, I was a consumer only as I didn't think I had much to contribute. However, it takes everyone to make the conversation, so I have now started contributing.

  4. I am finally opening the door of communication and commenting on blogs, so I wanted to post this comment on your blog:)

  5. Thank you for getting your blog started so that I have someone to follow. I appreciate the time and effort you put in.