Sunday, January 22, 2012


I have found that YouTube and Vimeo offer the most in terms of video for my classroom which is Orchestra.  Discovery deals mostly with the core subjects.  Blinkx is new to me - so I look forward to exploring it more.

I have embedded a couple of things that I would share with my classes.  The first is a performance of the YouTube Symphony.  This is a group of musicians assembled from around the world who auditioned for this orchestra via YouTube postings.

The second is a speech by Benjamin Zander, conductor and motivational artist.

Copyrights can be a tricky thing, so I was pretty surprised when I found myself actually drawn to the music video like the ones I used to watch on Saturday mornings when I was a kid (Conjunction Junction, etc.).  One thing that is new to me is that adding value to materials is probably classified as fair use.  Nice!

Dropbox could be a cool tool for Orchestra.  When we have playing tests - students record the music on their computers and then submit it to us electronically.  We could create a Dropbox for Orchestra where they could just drop in their files and we can listen to them.

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