Saturday, January 28, 2012


For this tool - I chose to use Poll Everywhere and Twitter.  I set up a poll in Poll Everywhere where responses could be texted in using phones.  So - the premise is that during a concert - I can get the audience more involved by asking them questions as we perform a piece.  In this question - I'm trying to see what the reaction of the listener is when we play different sections of the music.

Then - I went to set up a Twitter account.  My son gave me the idea that when we take the Orchestra on an out of town trip such as NYC - I can use Twitter to send out alerts and reminders.  For example - in the mornings - I can send out a message such as 'You need to be on the bus in fifteen minutes' or 'Curfew is in effect in ten minutes', etc.

Here is my Twitter page.

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