Saturday, January 28, 2012


One of the more enjoyable things we have done as a class is to trade concerts with other schools.  We have done this with orchestras in San Antonio and Corpus Christi and our plan was to do it in Costa Rica this year, but it was just going to be way too expensive.  I think that we can overcome this financial hurdle by using Skype to collaborate with schools across the country and around the world.

So the plan would be to find another school orchestra that meets close to our class meeting time - watch each other perform on Skype and allow the kids to interact by commenting on each others' performances, ask questions about the music, exchange ideas about each others' cultures.  This might be particularly effective if we can schedule this to happen near contest time - especially if we can find an orchestra that is performing the same piece we are.

Another idea would be to contact a composer that we are playing and see if he or she would watch us perform the piece over Skype and allow that composer time to comment on what we're doing, how we're playing and interpreting, and maybe give us the background behind the composition of the piece.  Again - we've done live this in the past - but finances prevent us from doing this as much as we would like.

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