Sunday, January 29, 2012


The world is changing, growing - and technology is probably one of the leading forces in this growth.  After going through this assignment - I'm realizing how much I have to learn.  I think that using technology in some classes will help our students become familiar with these new mediums.  Like any good class discussion or assignment - holding students accountable for work they do in stations will keep them engaged and part of the learning process.

I really didn't see anything new that I liked.  There were a lot of apps for metronomes and rhythm simulators, but nothing really new that we haven't already used.  I do plan to use some of these - along with some theremin apps - to stage the first performance of the Memorial iSymphony.  The thought is that we could use an existing piece that is traditionally scored, break into different groups with the devices and have each group come up with ideas on how they can augment the piece using the devices.

Most of our students are able to record their playing tests through CharmsOffice.  This system will automatically send the recordings to my CharmsOffice teacher account.  Unfortunately - their mobile app version doesn't support this activity.  I suppose that the student can record to an iPad and I could go back in and listen to it - but this seems very counterproductive in terms of time spent on task.  Instead of the iPad being in my office while I"m listening to it - it really needs to be in the hands of the students.

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