Sunday, January 22, 2012


I just created a new form using Google Docs that was designed to gather information from students for our upcoming ski trip.  I wish I had known about this just a week ago.  But - I think that I can probably modify our registration forms at the beginning of the year and have the kids fill them out using Google Docs.  I emailed this form to several teachers in my department and I'll look forward to 'analyzing' the results in the 'see responses' section.

As a department - we turn in about 700 and dinner orders for the Fine Arts Banquet.  I'm sure that we'll be able to come up with something to make that easier with this tool.

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  1. Super! I think you are going to like what you can easily do to collect information with Google Forms! Wonder if there are ways students could work collaboratively in Google Docs to help with ensembles and such... Have fun on the ski trip!