Sunday, January 29, 2012



In speaking with one of my colleagues - I learned of an app that can be used on iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads called notebrainer.  It is an app that will set up flash card type screens to help students learn the names of notes quickly.  Believe it or not - we still have some in the high schools that aren't fluent with this.  I will be looking forward to when we get these tools for our classrooms.

One thing that I hadn't considered before was the whole world of Digital Citizenship.  Along with the normal planning of classroom activities - DC is going to add a great deal of complexity to our plans.  It is not going to be nearly as easy to move into using these tools as one might think.  Also - as the size of my class is considerably larger than the typical academic class - it is going to be more difficult for us to break into small groups to use the tools.  Making sure that each student has access to the tools is going to be yet another thing to consider.  Is it the policy of SBISD that the larger the class size - the more tools they get?

One of the unexpected outcomes of this project is that I don't feel compelled to fully or regularly integrate these new ideas into my classroom.  If I were a lecture format teacher - I think that tons of these things would be helpful.  However - that is a LONG way from how we run performing arts classes.  I don't want to say anything that will jeopardize my job - but suffice it to say - I would love to learn from a music teacher who has successfully integrated these types of technologies into the classroom.  I don't mean at all to say that I am refusing to go this direction.  Nevertheless - I did enjoy learning some of the things that other teachers might use.


Second ending: I was impressed by how much work went into putting all of this together.  I think that KJ and her team were very thorough and put things in a very understandable manner - a blog to demonstrate a blog.  Thanks!


  1. Yes, the performing arts where kids already learn by doing are not going to be incorporating these technologies in the same manner as other classrooms. Hopefully though you can incorporate these tools into the classroom and use them as you can. The iPads can be used with apps like notebrainer, Dropbox, Voice Recorder (to record their practice), Garageband, iBeat (iMetronome)and Interval Ear Training to assist students as they learn and play their instruments. Consider offering some students the opportunity to record and create their own music using the Macbooks! I wish there were more $ to provide you with larger classes more devices. Please consider becoming part of Rusty's technology team to determine the best configuration for the secondary music classroom as we move forward! Glad you enjoyed the journey!

    1. I am looking forward to getting these 'toys' in our hands. I'm really impressed at what they can do. But I do have a technology question that is not iPod Touch or iPad or Mac related.

      In the past few years - our convention has held sessions on using smartboards in the music classrooms. Most or at least of our academic classrooms have smartboards - is there any discussion in the district of music classrooms getting these? I've heard they're really great tools - and it would save me TONS of time when I'm setting up my data projector. It is costly to have a projector mounted and connected here - so if there is any chance of smartboards coming to our music classrooms - I didn't want to spend the money installing our data projector. Thanks!